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11 of The Nerdiest Things To Do In Anglesey

A round-up of the nerdy things to do on Ynys Môn

Featured May 05, 2023 Author, Sharon Watkins

There’s no shortage of things to do and see in Anglesey, but most guides just tell you about the most popular things to do. This post is a little different. It’s time to embrace your inner nerd and explore some of Anglesey’s nerdiest attractions and activities. If fossils float your boat, birds rock your world or you’re a history buff, there’s something for anyone who’s proud to be a nerd on this beautiful Welsh island. Here, we give you the most wonderfully nerdy things to do in Anglesey. 

Learn About The Welsh Language

Welsh has been the native language of Anglesey for over two thousand years and continues to be used every day by people of all ages. This makes Anglesey one of the strongholds of the language. Visitors and locals alike can learn to speak Welsh via online courses such as those run by Learn Welsh

You can also learn about the history and culture of Anglesey at the Oriel Ynys Môn Museum.  This museum focuses on the history and culture of Anglesey, with exhibits on everything from archaeology and geology to art and photography.

Visit The Stone Science Museum

stone science for nerds anglesey

At Stone Science, one of Anglesey’s most popular attractions, you can journey through the past 650 million years. The museum houses one of the largest collections of fossils in Wales, you can learn how dinosaurs came to be and then became extinct. You’ll also see thousands of minerals, crystals and fossils. You can even touch a dinosaur egg, teeth, and poo! It’s a great place to learn about Anglesey’s history too!

Stargaze On One Of The Best Dark Sky Locations In The World

Anglesey is one of the best places in the world to view the night sky. The island has a dark sky status, which means it has minimal light pollution. Visitors can join stargazing events or simply find a quiet spot to enjoy the night sky.

Why not nerd out on one of Anglesey’s stargazing experiences led by an experienced astronomer as your guide? See Dark Sky Telescope Hire for more details. 

Take A Tour Of Halen Môn Sea Salt

This is one of Wales’ most innovative food businesses, and they offer one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes tours for anyone interested in salt’s place in our history and culture. Learn about the unique processes of harvesting world-renowned sea salt at Halen Môn Sea Salt.

Learn About The Latest Scientific Discoveries and Developments

The Menai Science Park is a hub for innovative scientific businesses. It offers exhibitions and events related to science and technology. Visitors can learn about the latest scientific developments and discoveries.

Attend The Anglesey Writing Festival

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or just like to be surrounded by creative energy, the Anglesey writing festival that takes place each April/May may be the place for you. With workshops, seminars and Q&A sessions from a variety of speakers, it’s a superb festival to boost your writing skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and receive some inspiration for your next writing project.

Go On A Ghost Hunt

Go on a nerdy ghost hunt

Anglesey is known for its ancient ruins, eerie landscapes and paranormal tales, making it the perfect place for a spooky ghost hunt. You can join a guided tour with experienced paranormal investigators who will lead you through some of the most haunted locations on the island. Find out more about Paranormal Anglesey and ghost hunts on the island. 

Get Trapped In Beaumaris Gaol

This trapped prisoner event is a Halloween special at the famously haunted Victorian Gaol. William the Warder, seen on Most Haunted, will guide visitors through the Gaol and share stories of prisoners from the 1800s, including Richard Rowlands. After signing a waiver, visitors can opt for individual cells or stay together for an even more immersive experience. If you complete the experience you will receive a prize and be posted to the wall of fearless legends

This activity is suitable for those who are 15+ (12+ with adult supervision).  

There is also an option for those 18+ called “trapped in terror”. No physical contact takes place between the actors and the audience.  Find out more

Take A Literary Tour

Take a literary tour anglesey

Love literature? Then give yourself a tour of places around the island that features in one of the many books set on the Island. From Mr Vogel by Lloyd Jones and Revenant by Tristan Hughes to the Sheepshagger by Niall Griffiths, Twenty Thousand Saints by Fflur Dafydd and Pigeon by Alys Conran there are a plethora of places to look out for. There’s no organised tour (not that we’re aware of anyway) but you can locate many places from these books around the island using the Literary Atlas

Learn The Importance Of Lighthouse Navigation

Lighthouse navigation anglesey

Explore the Skerries Lighthouse – A historic lighthouse off the coast of Anglesey, visitors can take a tour of the lighthouse and learn about its history and importance in navigation.

Marvel At The Castle

beaumaris castle anglesey

Whilst most will immediately think of Beaumaris Castle there is also the lesser-known Castell Aberlleiniog set in a nature reserve just 5 minutes from the popular UNESCO site.  Castell Aberlleiniog is a small motte and bailey fortress built between 1080 and 1099. The ruins sit in a heavily wooded area on top of a steep hill. There are remains of the walls and buttresses and three of four towers. Castle restorations began in 2008.

Which of the nerdy things to do in Anglesey will you choose?

With so many counter-cultural things to do in Anglesey, you may struggle to decide which to do first. Our personal favourite is star gazing from the Rhosneigr beaches, but we’d happily do any of the nerdy things listed above when in Anglesey.



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