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From beginner lessons to more advanced jet-ski safaris, Anglesey’s 125 miles of coastline has everything for the seafarer with a need for speed. Experience the Menai Strait like never before, check out the extraordinary wildlife both in the water and along the coast as you leave other tourists in your wake. Jet-skiing in Anglesey is sure to make the memorable exceptional.


What is Jet-Skiing?

Like hoover, jet-ski is actually the name of a specific brand of personal watercraft (PWC) which has become the commonly used generic term for the product (like a hoover, for example, or a tannoy). These personal watercraft were not the first, however, and first appeared in the 1950s with the German Wave Roller and British Armada.

Due to the lack of external propellers and a lack of legal requirement for a licence, jet-skiing has become a popular recreational pastime in many coastal regions all over the world, providing a relatively safe shot of adrenaline for holidaymakers.

Best Diving Locations on Anglesey

Anglesey’s 125 miles of beautiful coastline makes it a popular destination for jet-ski enthusiasts and, while we would always encourage people to show due consideration for local wildlife and others enjoying the Anglesey coast, there are some exceptional locations on the island to both explore and get the blood pumping.

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  • Beaumaris: – A wide, concrete slipway makes Beaumaris an easy place from which to launch, while its location on the south east of the island provides access to The Menai Straits, Puffin Island and for general coastal sightseeing. 
  • Bull Bay: – Access to the water here is via a concrete slipway, however, you’ll need access to a key to pass a bollard system which costs £75 for the season (of which £25 is treated as a refundable deposit on return of the key). The bay’s location on the north east of the island offers access to both Ynys Badrig (Middle Mouse) and Ynys Amlwch (East Mouse) islands, some phenomenal wildlife and the rugged northern coast of the island.
  • Cemaes Bay: – As with Bull Bay, access to the water is via a bollard blocked slipway and the same costs apply for seasonal access. Cemaes Bay is part owned by the National Trust and is a recognised area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The bay leads out into some potentially tricky currents, however, so riders will need to take suitable precautions. This launch also provides access to Ynys Badrig (Middle Mouse) and some glorious views.
  • Menai Bridge: – Access to the water here is via a wide concrete slipway, but it does flood regularly at high tide, so users are warned to ensure their vehicles are safe if skiing during a rising tide. Currents here can be extremely strong, so you’ll need to be experienced and very careful as recovering your ski may be much tougher than you’re used to. For those that are able, however, skiing The Menai Strait is an exhilarating experience with unparalleled views.

Jet-ski hire and safaris

Jet-ski hire is not presently available on the island (to our knowledge) as providers were severely impacted by the pandemic. This section will be updated as soon as we know more.


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