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Stunning, secluded, rugged Porth Wen beach.

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About Traeth Porth Wen

One of Anglesey’s genuine hidden gems, Traeth Porth Wen is a small cove near the historic, scheduled monument Porth Wen Brickworks on the north coast of Anglesey, about equidistant between Bull Bay and Cemaes Bay on the coastal path. Despite the brickworks being an important supplier of quartzite bricks from the middle of the 19th century all the way to the beginning of the 20th, bricks were moved by ship – meaning the area is still unreachable by car. Instead you’ll need to park up at either Bull Bay or Cemaes Bay and take the coastal path for a couple of miles.

The beach itself is pebble and shale, with a larger sandy beach accessible via kayak or other watercraft (generally as a stop between Cemaes and Bull Bay as there’s no launch at Porth Wen) and there’s a shallow incline to deeper water, so it makes for a good spot for swimming at any level.

Traeth Porth Wen is honestly like few places you’ll ever see. The area has been mostly reclaimed by nature and wildlife, though the ruins of the brickworks are complete and secure and their incongruous appearance lends the area a sense of mystery. There are no nearby amenities – but this is not a beach you visit for ice cream, instead it’s a glorious area in which to rest as you explore this glorious section of the coastal path.

Disused Victorian brickworks which produced fire bricks, Porth Wen, Anglesey, Wales, Britain


With no real access to the beach by road, there are few opportunities for water sports unless when stopping over during a trip between Cemaes and Bull Bay (which many powerboaters, jet skiers and kayakers do), and little in the way of development in the surrounding area, Traeth Porth Wen is often considered a stop-over beach during a long walk or specifically to visit the brickworks.

Nevertheless, if visitors to the beach need to cool off mid-walk, they’ll find the waters are clear and calm and ideal for swimming. For the most part, however, visitors to the beach will do so for the joy of exploration and to try to spot some of the wildlife that frequents the area – including dolphins and seals.

Athletic man is trained to swim in a lake at sunset. It flies a lot of water splashing. Vintage color


Situated on the north coast of the island and surrounded by dunes and sheer cliffs, Porth Wen overlooks the remains of the Porth Wen Brickworks, but is essentially a rewilded area of incredible natural beauty. However, the area is fairly difficult to reach – requiring a walk of a couple of miles from one of the two nearby villages – and there are none of the amenities you may expect from a traditional seaside location.

Porth Wen is seldom busy as a result of its location but, in return for sacrificing the usual seaside amenities, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views, nature, and crystal clear waters as you explore an area of outstanding natural beauty and historic importance.

Visitors to Anglesey will find the beach by taking the A5025 all the way from either bridge up to Bull Bay at which point you’ll need to find a place to leave your car in one of the public car parks at the access point to the coastal path. Once on foot you can then take a walk along the path for a couple of miles until you see the brickworks.



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